Howard Kennett was a young man at early age who had a lot of dreams and
goals to achieve in his life. After returning from World War II and being a tank
commander in the Army  Howard  was determined to make something of
himself, so he rented a local gas station in Manchester Indiana. Then not to
long after that he decided to open a Heating Oil Company to serve the
tri-state. With hard work and determination he did succeed. Later years on he
purchased a Local filling station which is now known as Kennett Truck Stop.
Howard's son Wayne who graduated from Indiana State University with a
bachelors degree in communications and a minor in Business. After
graduating went and got his Real estate License . Wayne's first purchase was
a small gas station in the city of Aurora. Later on Wayne then decided to
Purchase Both companies from his father Howard. After taking over he also  
purchased the Aylor and Myer Feed mill in Aurora Indiana which is now
known as Aurora Farm and Garden. Wayne's son Adam is pursuing a degree
in Business and is eventually going to carry on the family Business.